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Let's Get Real.

HELLO WORLD. Emily here. Welcome to my work!

I'm an abstract artist from St. Louis. For a while now I have been working diligently to be very intentional in expanding my life. Who we are is very dependent upon the choices we make and which parts of ourselves we decide to nurture. This is the place I come to nurture my artist.

I've developed my own technique over several years of happy accidents and dabbling fearlessly in the unknown, and I want this blog to serve as a very transparent viewpoint as to what it is really like to forge your own path. I don't believe professionalism always means being stone cold and not letting others see your struggle - let's get real.

Abstract art is very often misunderstood by the masses because there isn't necessarily always a structure and, I believe as people, we are typically afraid of two things - emotion, and what we do not understand. I pride myself in being someone that is very bold in my hardships and I hope, by creating in that boldness, that you will come to know yourself better through my work.

Welcome to my catharsis. May it serve you well.

- E.R.

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