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I receive many heartfelt requests for donations to support fundraising events each year. I proudly offer as much assistance as I can to give back to my community along with other various organizations I support. 

The following information outlines the values that encase my charitable philosophy -- 

  • I specifically support many charitable organizations that provide direct local community service relating to the health and well-being of the community.

  • Religious organizations that align with the values of (but is not strictly limited to) a Non-Denominational mission statement.

  • LGBTQ+ Affiliate Organizations.

  • Organizations in association with the National Mental Health Association.

  • "The Covering House" - a St. Louis based non-profit housing and rehabilitating young survivors of sex trafficking, as well as working with the criminal justice system to combat the issue on a National level. 

  • I also support many locally owned business' and participate in various charitable events upon request.


I will be in response in regard to your charitable request within 30 days. However, I ask that you please provide me with 2 months’ notice of the event date, to ensure adequate time to create and prepare an artwork specific to your event. 

To submit a charitable request, complete the form under the "CONTACT" tab above.

It is my joy to serve.

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