Product Care

First and foremost -- Thank you for purchasing one of my pieces! I care very deeply for each one as they come to life. Because they are each an original piece of art without mass production, they need to be treated kindly in order to ensure the highest quality of conservation. Proper care is essential in ensuring that your Artwork retains its beauty and value. These recommendations are intended to assist you and are based on my personal experience and judgment with my medium, but must not be regarded as amounting to a legal warranty, for further questions regarding liability, please see Terms & Conditions. 

Cleaning​ & Maintenance

Excessive light and humidity are a painting’s worst enemies, so keep both in mind when deciding where to hang any artwork. Position it preferably out of direct sunlight, taking special care not to hang it directly facing any frequently sunny windows (If you are hanging a painting in a position where it is hit by direct sunlight for a large part of the day, you may want to consider having it framed with a piece of glass that protects it from UV light). Do not worry, fading in this manner is something that would gently occur over an extended period of time, but consider your options when taking precaution. 

Keep your paintings clean and refreshed by regularly dusting them using a soft, dry microfiber cloth to clean your acrylic piece.

DO NOT allow precipitation, excessive heat, or extended direct sunlight touch the acrylic piece.
DO NOT hang your acrylic piece outdoors.

DO NOT store artwork without protective packaging. 
DO NOT poke, stab, or touch the acrylic artwork as you risk cracking and flaking in the piece which is very difficult to repair. 
DO NOT modify or alter the acrylic in any way or coat it with any further chemicals. 

© 2018 Emily Kay Rice

© 2018 Emily Kay Rice